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Orval Gwinn: ‘I have twice, several years apart, had the test. Both times the results were ‘equivocal’ and the second time an exploratory angiogram was recommended, with immediate angioplasty, stent, or bypass operation depending on findings. I declined. Instead, despite warnings of fatal consequences, I started a very low fat vegetarian diet, following Dr. Dean Ornish’s book about reversing heart disease. In one month I was OK. In 6 months I felt better than I had for years. After two years my GP finally reversed his death sentence and told me I had made the right decision. Get the Ornish book. Even if you do not have heart disease, it is a fascinating story, written by a brilliant, sort of quirky Cardiologist.’

☞ And here is his latest, just published.


George Berger: ‘I haven’t heard you mention The Wire. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing ‘surely the best TV show ever broadcast in America,’ per Slate. There are four seasons available on dvd, so they should help get you through some of the writers strike.’

☞ Also: HBO On Demand.


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