Does this sound like your cup of literary tea?

It all started with a simple idea, the idea of a City on the Heights. But as the competing visions of an orphaned teenager from Mosul, an Islamic State commander and a well-meaning American Jew come together, the result is a dangerous and combustible mix. In the end, the future of the City – and of the entire Middle East – hinges on the wisdom and dedication of a young battle-scarred woman.

If so, let me know what you think of City on the Heights, currently the 3,925,075th best-selling book on Amazon, recently self-published by my pal Joseph Cox — either $2.99 or free if you have Kindle Unlimited.  The 11 reader reviews are mostly 5 star and nothing lower than 4.

But maybe the reviewers are all his cousins.  Take a look and write a review of your own.  (And watch this 45-second trailer.  More compelling than the blurb.)

BOREF holders: Here is a running list of WheelTug press releases.  The most recent (yesterday’s): SunExpress Reserves 66 WheelTug Systems.  It brings their total reserved slots to more than a thousand planes at more than 20 airlines.


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