So you can buy a second-hand copy of my first book — a thin paperback called Honor Grades on 15 Hours a Week — for $74.98 plus $3.99 shipping and handling, here (you would have to be insane to do that); or the brand new e-book edition for $3.99, here (frugally insane).

As touted on Amazon:

. . . dashed off one summer when Tobias was 21, [this slight tome] might just help today’s homework-obsessed high school senior get the most out of his or her college years and take the leap toward real life.

Now that I’ve figured out how to do this, expect the rest of my out-of-print oeuvre to follow.


We are losing our democracy to a flood of secretly-funded attack ads purporting, preposterously, not to be attack ads.  Wait til you see them — and Karl Rove’s response: impassioned, irrelevant, and completely untrue.  Must-see TV.  Seven minutes.


Six more must-see minutes — showing how the Supreme Court overturned a century old Montana ban on corporate campaign contributions and what effect that is having.  We are losing our democracy.


And I don’t know where you could possibly find another seven minutes, but try: a graphic depiction of what Maddow calls “juh-bortion” — the Republicans’ saying that their singular focus is “jobs” when in fact all they work on is returning abortion to the back alleys.




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