His interview was called “The Future We’re Building — And Boring.”  I referred to a lot of it yesterday, but now here it is.  So exciting!

(Separately, I ran into a friend last night who knows Elon’s mother.  She kept not accepting a free Tesla — she didn’t want to waste his money — until finally, apparently, after years driving around in some ratty old Chevy or something, he said, “Mom, you’re embarrassing me.  You have to drive one of my cars.”  So she relented.)

Oh!  And did you watch Al Gore’s trailer?  When I put something in bold print, that means you have to do it.  It’s a law.

And have you shared the Ted Halstead’s idea for unlocking the climate puzzle — the carbon dividend we should all be getting?

C’mon, people — we have a planet to save!



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