Generational theft.  This is several years old, but no less relevant.

Hedge Funder Stan Druckenmiller Wants Every Young Person In America To See These Charts About How They’re Getting Screwed

It doesn’t take long to read the captions of those charts and see we face enormous structural problems . . . seemingly without solution.

But I think there is a solution: namely, the essentially-free energy from the sun, and other coming technological wonders, that could afford everyone a pretty decent life, if only we can find the political skill and good will to “spread the wealth.”

“Clean coal” and eliminating “the death tax” won’t solve this.

College Behind Bars airs on PBS next Monday and Tuesday November 25 and 26.  Ken Burns is the executive producer.  I got a little involved when I found myself  sitting next to a young guy at a birthday celebration 18 months ago.

“What do you do,” I asked.

“I just graduated college,” he said.

“Good for you!” I enthused, thinking to myself, Well, yeah, but he’s not THAT young.

“Where?” I asked, stalling for time.  “Bard,” he said, as it dawned on me that he had probably served in Iraq first.  “Cool,” I said, always having had a high opinion of Bard . . . and then managed to find a tactful way to ascertain his age:


“Oh!  Were you in the service?”

“No,” he said, “I was in prison.”

We’ve become friends, and Monday you can watch him and two of his incarcerated classmates, in their prison garb, beat the Harvard Debate Team back in 2015.

The growing momentum toward criminal justice reform is wildly overdue.  Mass incarceration — and private prisons, which profit from recidivism — are such terrible ideas.

Watch this doc.  Meet my friend Dyjuan and his classmates.



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