My only regret is that I didn’t know to suggest this in time for you to see the first three episodes. But you’ll quickly catch on. It is to the Legislative Branch what the West Wing is to the Executive. Tonight on NBC at 8pm.

Donald Millinger: ‘While you may be heartened by Bush’s commitment to increase spending by $2 billion a year to combat AIDS in Africa (let’s wait and see if that’s fully funded), and it is indeed a great promise, it only makes me angrier about his domestic behavior on the issue. By forcing his ‘abstinence only’ policies, opposing needle exchanges, failing to encourage schools to provide accurate and complete prevention education and eliminating effective information on government websites, he is reducing prevention efforts here at home and increasing the likelihood of more infections. As evidenced by Jesse Helms as he was leaving the Senate, it is easier for Bush to ‘sell’ AIDS in Africa to his party than confront it as a domestic issue, since it is still perceived by many conservatives as a gay disease in the United States.’


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