“I have a Ceres IRA account. I enjoy investing my IRA $ in individual stocks, but right now I want to be out of the stock market completely. As you know, uninvested Ceres money only earns around 3% in their cash account. Is there an equity-type vehicle I can purchase through my Ceres account that acts more like a money market fund and less like a stock? I’m looking for something to purchase through my Ceres account that is very liquid, has low volatility, and offers a virtually guaranteed 5% – 6% return. Then when Money Magazine’s monthly stock prediction improves from its current “down arrow” rating, I’ll start buying normal stocks once again.” — David Matt

Can’t you buy Treasuries through Ceres? Maybe 2-3-year notes? But unless the amount you’re talking about is large, I wouldn’t put too much time into trying to get 2% more (which after tax would amount to even less).

Also, have you looked into REITs (real estate investment trusts)? They’re hardly risk-free; but real estate may be closer to its recent bottom than to some future top, and many of these stocks yield 6% or more. It’s a good area for you to research.


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