Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
Yesterday’s column
Counted as two.

So very briefly:

Last week I wrote about the possibility of TIPS in a retirement account, leaving some of you to wonder (a) how you can buy them at auction in an IRA; and (b) whether there would ever even be another issue of these inflation-protected Treasury bonds.

  • If you open a retirement account at a brokerage house, your broker may buy at the Treasury auction on your behalf. Writes the estimable Less Antman: “Fidelity, which is the broker I use in my advisory practice, will do so for a fee of $50.”
  • Max Stone: “Your article seemed to indicate there was some question about whether any more TIPS will ever be issued. There has been some controversy over that topic (see an excellent article in the July 15 NY Times, by Beth Kobliner, on this topic, although since it is more than 30 days old you need to pay to access their archives), but the auction date for the next issue has been set: On Oct. 10, 2001, there will be an auction of the 30-year TIPS (see this site for a more complete Treasury auction calendar). You may want to alert readers to what is possibly their last chance to buy long-term TIPS without a dealer markup (and it’s often a hefty one, which is a little crazy given the low volatility of the instrument, but I guess dealers have to eat as well).

Thanks, Max! Where would I be without my readers?

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