So? Have you seen the movie? (Or bought the book?)

Have you read Rolling Stone?


Dale Davis: ‘It’s clear that Republicans, led by Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court, stole the White House in 2000. After reading Robert Kennedy’s article in Rolling Stone, it’s clear that they also stole it in 2004, thanks to Kenneth Blackwell. I’m beginning to think Republicans’ politics are too dirty to ever let us win again.’

☞ If you are a Republican who disagrees, urge your representatives to back HR 550 and other ‘election protection’ legislation, to put this kind of speculation to rest. We need elections everyone can trust. What are we – Belarus?


Paul Rightley: ‘It would seem that Charles and my wife share the same birthday. I hope that he has had a great day. It doesn’t make sense to me that I should be allowed to marry my wife, while you are not allowed to marry Charles.’

☞ Thanks, Paul. We pay a lot in taxes and do our best to be good citizens. It would be nice to have equal rights. But attitudes take time to change and I’m not as impatient as some. I marvel at how far the world has come since I was in college, and am encouraged that the trend seems to be generally positive.

Look at Dick Cheney (of all people). He doesn’t favor the Republican anti-gay Constitutional Amendment because he knows someone who’s gay (his daughter). And Bush himself almost surely doesn’t give ‘two —-s’ about this either, as has been recently reported; it’s just a loathsome tactic to keep power.

For Charles’s birthday I went to the Cartoon Bank and got him the original of a Barbara Smaller cartoon that shows two stylish women in a restaurant ladies room. ‘I can’t walk in these shoes,’ one is telling the other, ‘which is a problem because I can’t sit down in this dress.’


Have you sent a monkey mail lately? I wrote about this a while back, but every once in a while one of you sends one to me – like this one – and it cracks me up every time.


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