Yes, the administration is unraveling, America’s hard-crafted world leadership of the past 70+ years has been lost — the US-centric TPP will instead cede the giant Pacific market to the China-centric RCEP, and Russia has destabilized our democracy — all that.

Read the New York Magazine excerpt and then read the book.

But in keeping with yesterday’s glorious theme — The World’s Getting Better All The Time — I give you today Bill Gate’s optimism, as he edits the current issue of Time Magazine.

There is so much to be excited about.

Read Homo Deus or listen to it on Audible at 1.5X speed as you do your power walk.

If only we can get back onto an even, progressive, science-and-environment-respecting keel.  (Happily, the Administration has just granted a Chilean billionaire permission to mine for copper in a wilderness area that the Obama folks had preserved.  It’s a mere coincidence the Chilean owner rents his home to Ivanka and Jared.)



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