Elizabeth Seger: “Our latest scheme involves an online casino at www.casinoonair.com. The deal is this: new accounts receive an immediate bonus of 20% of whatever you deposit, after which the company sends e-mail from time to time to advertise “specials” that are even better — 25% for Thanksgiving, and 35% for the “Millennium Special.” Let’s take the last case: we deposit $1000. Then the casino adds $350 for a “V-chip” total of $1350. We bet both sides of a few football games, and take a 9% hit on the winnings of each bet for doing so: we end up with half of the original total ($675) plus 91% of the other half ($614.25) for a total of $1289.25. Less the original investment and a pesky 3% credit card charge on your $1,000 deposit, we have a profit of $259.25, basically risk free, and more if anyone ties (because with no winner, there are no winnings for the house to deduct its 9% from). Your original investment is credited back to your card on request, and the rest of the money arrives by check a week or two later. There is no limit to the amount you can deposit for the bonus. As long as nothing really bad happens in the Caribbean anytime soon, this an easy way to make a very good wage for half an hour’s labor…”

An honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work. Building a better, more productive America.

(Seriously: I have not tried this myself, and fear that some folks might get left holding the bag if this company goes under — or, worse, get hooked on yet another form of gambling. But I could not resist passing this on, both as a way a few of you might actually make a few bucks, and as further evidence that we live in, to say the least, giddy times.)


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