On the one hand, you can argue this is a really lame excuse for a ‘column’ – just linking you to some speeches. On the other hand, they are historic speeches.

I particularly commend you to watch President Clinton and Joe Biden’s speeches from last night . . . and if you have time, Tammy Duckworth’s, too.

Craig Wiener: ‘The Microsoft Silverlight technology the DNCC uses for its videos is incompatible with older Macs with PowerPC processors that I (and millions of others) use everyday. I understand that Linux users are similarly affected. If the Democrats want their message to reach the widest audience possible wouldn’t it make sense to use that technology which is more inclusive than one which shuts out a substantial minority of U.S. computer users?’

☞ Yes!

Jack Rivers: ‘I was most amazed by [Republican Iowa Congressman] Jim Leach’s speech. OK, he isn’t an exciting speaker at all, but it was like a trial lawyer building his case. A great lecture to our nation’s Republicans and Independents on why they should vote for Obama. And good news, a long time friend – an Arizonan who has always voted Republican and never once voted for a Democrat for ANYTHING – let me know yesterday he will vote Obama.’

☞ Yes!


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