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Jim B.:The donation page you frequently link to puts me off when the suggested amount starts at $1,000. It doesn’t seem democratic.  Makes my $20 donation feel cheap!”

☞ The main DNC donation page starts at $10.  Until we outlaw big money in politics — as we desperately should — my focus has of necessity been on “major donors” and so have a page that notifies me who’s given so I can send my thanks. Out of laziness — or perhaps wishful thinking — I just use that same page here.  It welcomes contributions of any size in the “other” box, whether $20 or $200,000.

If you visit the biennial Farnborough Air Show outside London this week, you’ll see WheelTug’s booth, one of the few with an “upstairs” for private meetings.

Tim Couch: “What ever happened to Borealis’ other assets?  Like iron ore?”

☞ Good question. Their iron ore hopes proved to be pipe dreams . . . though they still own deposits that could in some century prove valuable.

Their other efforts — all high tech — is largely dormant while they try to make a fortune from WheelTug (that could fund the rest many times over).

WheelTug, while speculative, is very much real.  A great deal of talent and effort are working to make it happen.  Fingers tightly crossed.



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