My guess – worth no more than yours – has long been that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. If so, we’ll all be learning a lot more about him. But I love this little tidbit:

The former Massachusetts governor said he had been a hunter for just about all his life. Almost immediately, his staff reminded him he had only been hunting twice. Presumably Mr. Romney forgot about all the times he never hunted. . . .


The reason Republicans give for requiring three forms of voter ID if you’re black, and other quaint practices, is to prevent ineligible people from voting or eligible people from voting twice. Indeed, one of the reasons some of those 8 U.S. Attorneys were fired was that they were failing adequately to address the problem of voter fraud.

Well, according to this over at, there is very little problem to be addressed:

. . . [T]he notion of widespread voter fraud, as these prosecutors found out, is itself a fraud. Firing a prosecutor for failing to find wide voter fraud is like firing a park ranger for failing to find Sasquatch. . . .

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James Musters: ‘They made a firefox extension just to deal with the often tiny font size that you use.’


Stephen Gilbert: ‘Did you see the CSPAN debate on same sex marriage? It was a pleasure to hear Evan Wolfson; his simple decency and rationality were very impressive.’

*From the Princess Bride, one of the World’s Top Ten Movies of All Time. The others are: Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Zhivago, Gone with the Wind, It’s a Wonderful Life, Moonstruck, Inherit the Wind, The Ten Commandments, 2001, and Z.**

**I know that’s 11, but good movies always deliver more than you expect.***

***So let’s add The Godfather and the original King Kong, neither of which could rightly be omitted, and get ourselves Firefox Nosquint so we can read the footnotes’ footnotes’ footnotes.


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