So says the Washington Post, here.  (Included: two burgers frying side by side, one beef, the other pea protein.  Can you tell which is which?) It takes 48 times more water to produce beef than veggies; three times as much to produce a calorie of beef as a calorie of chicken.

And according to this, eating beef puts four times as much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as eating chicken — eight times as much according to this. (The bar chart with farm animals — page 5.)

As human sacrifice goes, I think having to substitute chicken for beef — or even veggie burgers for beef — beats most of what humanity has had to endure.

I know: I am nothing if not annoying.

Look! If she wins, Misty Snow would be the first woman senator Utah has ever elected.  And the first millennial elected to the Senate (she’s just 30). And the first transgender senator.  A long shot — but she beat a much better financed opponent in the primary, so who knows?

Jim Burt: “Re your post over the weekend . . . When I was in the military, the three-tiered classification scheme of ‘Confidential,’ ‘Secret,’ and ‘Top Secret’ was explained to me this way:  Confidential information is information which the other side knows, and we know they know it, and they know we know they know it, but we don’t want to disclose it publicly.  Secret information is information which we know the other side knows, but we’re not sure they know we know it.  Top Secret information is information which we think it’s at least possible the other side doesn’t know yet. The (C) note in the three suspect Hillary Clinton e-mails indicated ‘Confidential’ classification, which is essentially meaningless. As for those e-mails which were retroactively classified as ‘Top Secret – Special Access,’ all except one concerned drone strikes, which are classified in an abuse of the classification system, because the same information is published in the news media and actually released by government agencies on purpose.”

CORRECTION: It was widely reported — and repeated by me — that young Brits, aged 18-24, overwhelmingly favored remaining in the European Union, but that only 36% of them actually turned out to vote.  It now seems — how could this have been reported so inaccurately? — it was more like 64% turnout.



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