. . . as history scarily unfolds, the future could be so bright.

Two recent examples:

mRNA Vaccines Could Vanquish Covid Today, Cancer Tomorrow.  And other diseases as well.

Battery storage is going mainstream, big-time Which makes solar and wind all the more practical.

This is big stuff!

Yes, the journalist-murderers have been winning.  Putin has brought us to the verge of civil war and potentially controls many of our most important computer networks.  Kim can now nuke U.S. cities.  MBS dismembered a Washington Post journalist without presidential recrimination.

So much damage has been done these past four years.

So many Americans are struggling and suffering.

(Except the rich, of course.)

Yet it’s just possible better days lie ahead.

It’s so obvious what we need to do!

  1. Vaccinate everyone willing to be protected from Covid.
  2. Restore competence and integrity to our federal government.
  3. Put millions to work revitalizing our nation’s infrastructure (including highspeed rural broadband).
  4. Enact the immigration reform passed 68-32 in 2013 to welcome the talent, energy, and drive of people in search of better lives.
  5. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.
  6. Rejoin our democratic allies.
  7. Renew our advocacy of human rights, our opposition to autocracy and corruption.
  8. Restore dignity and decency to the Oval Office.
  9. Raise the minimum wage (adjusting for geographical cost of living).
  10. And more, ranging from depoliticizing the Court . . . to enacting “H.R.1” (its long list of election and ethical reforms well worth your review) . . . to making it easier for moderates to compete successfully in primary elections . . . to allowing the refinancing of student debt . . . to adding 1% to the corporate tax rate if a company’s highest-paid employee gets more than 50 times the pay of its median employee (on up to an extra 5% if the pay differential exceeds 500 times).

Let’s find common ground and get to work.  Onward and upward.

Sure beats hating each other and trying to overthrow the government.



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