You know I don’t eat.  Saves time, saves money, saves the planet, good for health and weight, and much easier on the cows and chickens.  Especially the chickens.

That said, one has to eat something, and if you’re the kind of person who does, let alone “meals” (I graze), MealPal may be worth a look.

You sign up for either 12 or 20 lunches a month (or, now, in some cities, dinners), at a rate ranging from $5.19/meal in Miami to $6.39/meal in cities like New York, Boston, DC, and San Francisco.

No beverage; but you get a full hot lunch or dinner (and plastic utensils and a napkin).  Not bad for $6.39.  I just watched a friend eat his moules frites from Café Tallulah — $24 plus tax and tip if he had sat there to eat it instead of coming by my place — and because he couldn’t finish it all, I made out like un bandit. 

Plus, he got a beer from my fridge that cost him nothing (and me, just a buck) instead of $8.

Each night (or early the day-of), you peruse nearby restaurants to see what’s offered — no choices or substitutions, but a wide variety of chefs — and click to reserve one.  Then just drop in at lunch time, give your name, grab your bag.  No lines.  No cash register.  Real fast.

And you might want to have a Heineken with that.  I guess it’s five years old, but have you ever seen this ad? (Watch all the way to the end.)  Thanks, Mel!



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