Democracy can’t function without elections people trust. (Who won in Iran?) (Who won in Florida?) Hence Rush Holt’s bill, reintroduced, and endorsed here by the New York Times. This time we really need to pass it.


Stephen Gilbert: “Picking up on yesterday’s ‘cool link,’ how about everyone wearing one of those beanies with a spinner on top? You could charge your iPhone and look very cool in the bargain.”

☞ Proof yet again that the truly great ideas don’t always come from IBM, Intel, or Bell Labs. Thanks, Stephen!

And speaking of great ideas . . .

You don’t want to miss Richard Factor’s disquisition on telephone poles. (It begins: “Q: Who was Alexander Graham Kowalski? A: The first telephone Pole.” But gets better from there.)

In that charming post you will in fact find a link to his disquisition on driveways, but don’t click it. You will be sucked into a vortex of calculation that will leave you dizzy and unable to operate heavy machinery. Every time I try to write this up, I crash my Zamboni®.

Come back tomorrow. Saving democracy and putting windmills on all our heads is enough for one day.


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