Yesterday, Skip Sherrod doubted that a majority of Bush voters believed Iraq had a hand in attacking us on 9/11.

Alan Atwood: ‘The PIPA study which illustrated just how misinformed Bush voters were in is still available here. Perhaps if Mr. Sherrod would read that study with an open mind, he might not be so dismissive. A large percentage of Bush voters apparently even to this day believe that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were directly involved with or somehow lent support to the terrorists that attacked us on 9-11.’

Matt Ball: ‘For the doubters, here is [another] link.’

Richard Yee kindly furnished this link to the summary of a Daily Show report that may help to explain why so many Bush voters got the impression they did.

Some believe it doesn’t matter that so many were misled – that it’s a good thing we attacked Iraq and brought it the freedom we all hope it is at last on the brink of enjoying today. Still, there is still this: the way we went about it was disastrously misguided and mismanaged. The ultimate cost in lost life, limb, treasure, and good will is already far higher than it might have been. And we’re not done. Instead of freedom, there’s the real worry they will get civil war instead.

And, going back to Friday and Monday’s posts . . .

Marty P:Palast’s piece and Moyers’s renewed my faith in America. What you call ‘stridency’ sounds to me like refreshing truth-telling and certainty from the left, which has been missing for waaaay too long. This, coupled with Howard Dean’s performance on Meet the Press Sunday, has me breathing again.’

Hey . . . I hope to have a thought or two about you money before long. It’s possible, anyway.


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