Bill Maher: Well, we had a good run.  This “new rules” clip is deeply bleak but, I fear, all too true.

Don’t spare yourself — watch.

Not to mention Rachel Maddow’s ULTRA podcast.  Where Hitler’s propaganda effort failed to overthrow our democracy and keep us from entering the war (so he could grab, among other things, Ukraine), Putin seems to be having more success.  The parallels to America First, and the Congressmen and Senators who were secretly aiding and abetting his effort, are chilling.

It’s an amazing story — listen.

Speaking of which, the once almost amusing factoid that Trump kept Hitler’s My New Order by his bedside begins now to take your breath away.

So I guess I have one more day to indulge my happy gene and re-read Michael Moore’s glorious, confident prediction.

It’s absolutely possible he’ll be right!

(“Let us pray,” as my non-religious mother used to say.)

Even if he is, though, it’s hard not to expect Senate races (and others) that won’t by decided for days or weeks.

November is one of those months with just 30 days, but it’s likely to seem a lot longer.

Thanks for all so many of you have done to help save democracy and prove Bill Maher wrong.



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