I found myself craving creamed spinach.  This doesn’t happen often (as the rest of my tale will confirm) but I found a box in the freezer and popped it into the microwave.  “Are you crazy?” I heard Charles say from someplace in food heaven; “it can’t still be good” — it was dated October 27, 2007 — but I’m here to report it was fine.

My overarching philosophy (after smelling anything first): waste not, want not.*


If you’ve not yet seen the iPad magician, take 4 minutes to watch.  (Thanks, Mel!)  Even better than last week’s dining dog.


*It’s estimated that “in 2010 alone around 60 million tons of food waste was generated in the U.S.,” and that “25-40 percent of the food that is grown, processed and transported in the United States will never be consumed.”



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