George Mokray (reacting to yesterday’s item on food waste disposal with his solution):  “I grow worms in my kitchen.  Been doing it since about 1977.  Here’s a video I made about it back around 1990.”

☞ The worms turn his carrot peels and apple cores into soil.  You gotta watch.  If there are any fishermen in your family, his solution becomes irresistible.


Don’t feel as though you have to watch all six frantic minutes . . . it’s “Moulin Rouge” meets David Copperfield and you may get dizzy . . . but how do they DO it?


Spoiler alert!  This somewhat cheesy but ultimately completely fascinating 40-minute British TV documentary shows you how a whole bunch of magic is done:

Magic s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S01E07 – YouTube

If I were a magician, I would never let you see this.  The first rule of magic is to never reveal the deception.

But I’m not a magician, and you were put on this planet with a will of your own.  If you think it’s immoral to reveal the secrets . . . don’t watch.

Have a great weekend.




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