You know what?  Ten hungry guys recently did a taste test on our Webber grill, and the consensus was that Beyond Burgers and sausages taste as good as or better than the four-legged competition.

This is a big, big deal.  Because as Newsweek reports:

. . . Global meat production causes more climate change than emissions from every single plane, train, and automobile in the world. The problem is that feeding crops to animals and then eating part of the animal is inherently inefficient. According to the World Resource Institute, it takes nine calories of crops to get one calorie of chicken meat. A review in the journal Nature found that per calorie of protein, poultry causes 40 times more global warming than legumes. . . .

[Yet] per-capita meat consumption in the U.S. is currently as high as ever. Global per-capita meat consumption is also at an all-time high and expected to go up for as long as anyone can project. . . .

Luckily, there is a solution that directly reduces impact without consumer coercion. We can produce the meat people want in resource-efficient ways: directly from plants or from cells.

Producing meat directly from plants—as is being done by the wildly successful companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods—is inherently more efficient and thus vastly more sustainable. As a bonus, plant-based meat isn’t subject to fecal contamination or heavy-metal buildup. It also doesn’t drive antibiotic resistance. . . .

By shifting meat production to these more efficient methods, we free up most of the land currently used to grow feed crops. Some of this land can be used for growing more food, along with a greater diversity of crops, for the world’s growing population. But much of this land can and should be allowed to return to carbon-storing forests.

You still eat meat more than once a month, or on special occasions?  I hope five years from now, almost none of us will.

Meanwhile, it turns out that, while he has publicly denied “collusion” 400 times, when under oath Trump simply “can’t recall.”

Putin is winning.  Trump backers like Moscow Mitch don’t care.



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