Twenty years ago, Corey Johnson came out to his Topsfield, Massachusetts football team.  It made national news.

Today, he is Speaker of the New York City Council . . . perhaps even New York’s next mayor.

But that was Massachusetts.  And New York.

Now comes Missouri: the football captain and the water polo player.


. . . “Not only were there hundreds of people who showed up to support us, including many students from other high schools in St. Louis, but our entire school banded together, and became stronger because of it,” [the football captain] wrote in the Huffington Post. “Dozens of my school’s alumni sent in videos expressing support, along with many current students—from the LGBTQ community as well as allies—who wrote beautiful speeches and poems to show their pride. It was truly breathtaking to see so much love from not only my community, but from complete strangers.” . . .

Love is love.

Progress is progress.

Monday: A different kind of progress.

Have a great weekend!



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