David D’Antonio: “MobileMe has very similar capabilities to Dropbox in that you can copy files to and from it and access them from different computers. It doesn’t do the version stuff (keeping track of previous versions) that Dropbox does but it has 20 GB, I think, by default. It also costs $99/year although it can be had for less on Amazon. It has a LOT more since it also does calendars and email and photo-sharing (via pre-built websites), so it’s not really a valid comparison. It does have a very cool feature if you have an iPhone; it’s called ‘Find my iPhone’ and it will use the GPS on the 3G or 3Gs to show you where the phone is as well as let you send a message to the phone, lock it, cause it to screech or wipe it completely. For some people, that alone might be worth the price.”

☞ Kewl.


Reader Sarah McCue multi-tasks.

For today’s kids . . .

“I write to tell you about Millions of youth are coming on-line in developed and developing countries and we now offer them an alternative to Yahoo, Gmail, et al, so that each time they check their email, we provide them information that can make a difference in their lives – mentoring, micro-networking, story sharing, job information, leadership development, etc. We’d love it if you might help spread the word.”

And for their grandparents . . .

“I started in 2002 when I was tasked with going through my 52 year-old deceased father’s things. He was in the process of writing his life story, abruptly cut short when he died of a heart attack. So I created ‘TRS’ to help anyone, anywhere, write, share, and publish their life story. It’s the most joyful work I’ve ever done. Again would love it if you might tell others about us.”


Worried your child or grandkid will be tempted by drugs? My friend Scot has for more than a decade now been reaching kids in posh prep schools and challenging inner city schools alike, changing the trajectory of their lives, many attest, for the better. Take a look. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford it – about the cost of a nice winter cruise – consider sponsoring a school and touching hundreds of lives. (Me-mail if you want to follow up.)


Understand, they are not praying to help the 47 million uninsured or heal the 45,000 people estimated to die each year for lack of coverage, these Senators are praying to keep the status quo. You’ve probably seen this clip – indeed, I posted a couple of weeks ago. But just in case.


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