But first we fly to Otpusk.*  Remember flying?  Fourteen seconds.

*Otpusk is not a place; it’s Russian for “vacation.”


Next we answer 10 questions about the vaccines.  You already know most of this, but I found it to be worth the four minutes.

Allen B.:  “It’s possibly worth noting that Trump lost the popular vote not by 7 million, but by 10 million.  Of the 158 million votes cast, 74 million were for Trump, 84 million against. (Mostly for Biden, but also a few others.)”

Trump says he won Georgia by “half a million votes.”

Georgia’s top Republicans — not above suppressing the black vote when they can! — insist he lost by 11,000.

The widely despised Ted Cruz, whose wife is ugly and whose dad was in on the Kennedy assassination (Trump’s insinuations, not mine), called Trump a pathological liar thousands of lies ago and now leads the charge for Trump.

To call all this a circus would fail to acknowledge (circuses being designed to delight children) how many have died on his watch, how many are unemployed and face eviction; how he damaged our reputation around the world, advanced the fortunes of autocrats, advocated torture, coarsened the public discourse, caged children, allowed our infrastructure to decay, and encouraged racism, conspiracy theories, and division.

How he allowed North Korea to reach our cities with nuclear weapons, Russia to control our computer systems, and our National Debt to balloon even before Covid, during good economic times.

He can’t believe with a record like that he could have lost.

Happy New Year!


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