So I am walking through Central Park on a beautiful June afternoon – the City has never looked better, people are jogging and strolling and biking and blading and lying in the sun getting pink – and along comes a horse-drawn carriage with no sides or top, three lovely ladies and a pinstriped older gentleman making them laugh, straight out of a movie. And who is this gentleman, I realize? David Rockefeller. A great little New York moment.

Before I could shout anything, the carriage had clop-clopped by.

And what would I have shouted? Even before Chase merged with Chemical and then with Morgan, what good was it to be a client of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the Rockefeller bank, if you were not a sheik or a shah or an emir? Or at least a mogul? Were you – little old you – going to pick up the phone and get to talk to David Rockefeller? Shout hello in the Park? I don’t think so.

(Not that he wouldn’t have welcomed it – a very nice man, I am told.)

Whereas at my little Bank Audi, also in New York, it’s not entirely unlikely you would one day run into Joe Audi.

And look at this! Bank Audi’s on-line banking now lets you do just about anything any of the giant banks do – and one thing more. You can now click on a check you wrote and get a printable quality image, front and back, even years after you wrote it. Reason enough to switch to Bank Audi? Mmmm, no. But, at least until paper checks disappear altogether, it’s a pretty neat idea.


Paul Lowry: ‘May I refer you to this URL for a handy-dandy Retirement Planner that I visit regularly to ‘plug in’ my numbers and see what results? It has lots of good information for all ages.’

☞ Good one.


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