“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
– John Kenneth Galbraith

Did you see Molly Ivins’ June 8 column? It’s riddled with examples like this:

Last January, Bush praised veterans during a visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The same day, 164,000 veterans were told the White House was ‘immediately cutting off their access to the VA health care system.’

There is example after example like this. If you know someone who thinks President Bush is a straight shooter, you should send him or her Molly’s column.

‘With the release of the 2006 budget,’ she writes, ‘we’re constantly finding instances of programs that Bush, the candidate, proudly claims to support, while he prepares to cut them drastically in order to pay for making his tax cuts permanent.’

That’s not flip-flopping – it’s willful deception on a grand scale.

And since you mention flip-flopping (I was just waiting for you to bring it up), it turns out that Senator Kerry has not done this in nearly the way Bush has spent $50+ million to have you believe. Independent critics have found these TV commercials to be grossly deceptive. Not that every Democratic ad is at all times 100% certifiably fair. But to quote James Carville again, from the 1992 campaign: ‘We say one plus one equals three, and the Bush folks say one plus one equals three thousand, and you write, ‘both campaigns wrong.”

Anyway, I hope you’ll find time to consider the June 8 column. To find it, click this link . . . scroll to the bottom of her current column . . . pull down the ‘archive’ menu . . . and select June 8. (Sorry for the extra work.)

Have a great weekend.


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