Lindsey Graham, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, chokes up as he describes how terrific Joe Biden is.

The clip begins,”If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you’ve got a problem.  You need to do some self-evaluation.”

And gets more personal, and tender, from there.  “The nicest person I think I ever met in my life.”

“As good a man as God ever created.”


It’s the softer side of Lindsey — not like what he said about Trump around the same time — “A race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot . . . empowering radical Islam . . . undercutting everything we stand for.”

Of course now Lindsey has realized Trump is the good guy, worth defending; Biden, the possibly corrupt politician into whose potential malfeasance with respect to Ukraine — that no credible observer believes exists — he must lead a Senate investigation.

Because if there’s one thing today’s Republican senators and representatives stand for — let the chips fall where they may — it’s honesty.

Why would you trust the U.S. Intelligence Community when Putin puts out a counter-narrative?  An honest observer looks at those two sources, and their motivations, and sides with Putin.  Or — at best — says it’s “impossible to know” which side to believe.

An honest person — unlike these 1,027 Republican and Democratic former federal prosecutors — reads the Mueller report and finds that Trump did nothing wrong.  Or doesn’t read it and just takes Bill Barr’s word for it.

Russia, are you listening?  You’re winning big-time — with an enormous assist from Trump and the Republican Party.



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