So CSPLF, suggested here year after year at prices ranging from $6.50 down to as low as $2.65, was bought out at $13.10 this month. That may be a lot less than it was worth – I assume that’s what the acquirer believes – but as bad news goes, it could have been worse.

Carl Icahn, meanwhile, is buying $200 million of LEA in a private transaction and taking a seat on the board, which sent the stock up $3.75 yesterday to a hair above its level last November. This one may yet work out, so I feel less bad having suggested it.

(My goal, as you know, is to lure fair-minded Republicans into reading this page with hopes of riches . . . then to gradually persuade them that the whole political landscape has shifted dramatically to the right, so that for now, at least – being moderates who believe in things like science – they should vote Democrat. It won’t work if I lose them money.)

And speaking of money, I spent the day taking more credit card contributions for the DNC and so ran out of time to write anything. Instead, I offer you two four-minute films:

The first reveals how Stonehenge may have been built – by a single ingenious retired guy.

The second is an uplifting song by a charismatic boy about his two loving dads.

Leverage and loverage. Enjoy.


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