My pal Mel White, ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham, has just published Clobber the Passages: Seven Deadly Verses — yours for 99 cents on Kindle or $8.99 in paperback . . . a must-read for any person of faith struggling with someone’s being gay, whether that someone is a son, a daughter, a grandchild — or themselves.

“Uncle Frank,” an affecting new comedy/drama on Amazon Prime, shows how badly a book like Mel’s was needed in decades past — and is still needed.

Amazon is also showing “People You May Know,” a documentary about manipulating people of faith.  Jesus would have been appalled.

Finally, take a few minutes to read Jon Meacham on Three Key Characteristics of the American Revolution, as revealed in the magazine of Westmont College.  Meacham is so good.  If only all religious institutions were as thoughtful and constructive as Westmont.

Can I hear an amen?



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