I’ve recommended these 6-watt dimmable LED bulbs before. The price has just been reduced, so I thought I’d mention them again. What amazing gifts!

Charles and I replaced the four 100-watt floods we had in our kitchen with four of them. So we went from 400 watts to 24 watts. I am thrilled every time I’m anywhere near the kitchen. And Charles – who has higher standards in such matters than most – has pronounced the quality of light, at full strength, just fine. (When dimmed, too greenish. Likewise, the slightly cheaper, non-dimmable 5-watt, which I don’t recommend.)


Yesterday, House Democrats voted overwhelmingly and successfully to extend the expiring tax cuts to everyone on their first $250,000 of income.

All but three Republicans voted “nay” – against the tax cuts.

Their view? That if we’re not willing to borrow yet more tens of billions each year to extend the cuts on everyone’s income above $250,000 as well, then no one should get a tax cut. (Never mind that we’re running massive budget deficits that we should be trying to shrink.) (And never mind that economists all but unanimously agree that tax cuts for the best off are the least effective way to stimulate the economy.)

So let’s get this straight: Republicans opposed giving everyone a tax cut. But they favor adding $700 billion to our deficit over the next ten years to give an even much bigger one, that we absolutely cannot afford, to those who need it least.

If you’d like your tax cut extended on the first $250,000 of your income, urge your Senators to vote YES on Saturday.

Have a great weekend.


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