In fairness to your schedule, I’m giving you another day to read yesterday’s New Yorker link.

It describes how the B17 – though wildly superior to anything else then flying – crashed on its first test flight because it was just too complicated to fly. So – instead of scrapping the plane – they added the first-ever pilot ‘checklist’ . . . and from then on it performed beautifully and became the workhorse of the war. A similar thing has happened in hospital Intensive Care Units. Astonishing drops in error rates, costs, and lost lives through the addition of simple check lists. It’s a story that needs to become ‘urgent common knowledge’ so that every hospital quickly adopts this practice.

Or, if you did read it yesterday, how about the links from Tuesday about superdelegates, Miami and Florida?

No? Not enough? You want more?

Okay, but this is my final offer/ing:


Kathi Derevan: ‘I’m not big on sending ‘cool’ websites, but this one really does deserve a look.’

☞ It brightened my day.


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