Now here’s a surprise . . . magicians can’t actually walk through glass.


More than double since March 12, if you haven’t already sold half, why not do so? If they just keep going up, as I hope they will, you’ll only half hate me.


You know that guy I keep writing about? They made a movie about him! ‘Transcendent Man.’ Not yet out (just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival), but there’s an awful lot to think about in this three-minute trailer.


This Tribeca entry, by contrast, does go into limited release Friday. Did you know that the largely moderate, likeable Governor of Florida is gay? That would be none of anyone’s business, except that he’s used his influence to keep Florida the only state in the union to prohibit gay adoption, and also to write into the Florida Constitution a ban on civil unions. The thought is that he has taken those positions (and gotten engaged, at 52, weeks before being considered as a possible McCain running mate) to help dispel the rumors.

The tragedy, of course, is that he is in most respects a good man . . . as are many of the other closeted, or formerly closeted, politicians covered in the film who vote, over and over and over, against the LGBT citizens they represent.


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