Bryan:  “Got an iPhone?  Under SETTINGS go to CELLULAR.  Where it says ‘Enable LTE,’ change that to ‘Voice & Data.’  (It probably shows ‘Data Only’ now.)  Call quality — especially between two iPhones set this way — will be considerably improved at no extra cost.”

☞ Seems to work for me. Not certain about the cost, but have never known Bryan to be wrong.

And now, for the cooking segment of our show.

Not only CAN you freeze kiwis, as I just discovered — I think you probably should.  Back in April, I was not sure how this would turn out.  And this weekend, when I finally thawed them, they became all squooshy.  I cut them in half expecting the worst — but it was a miracle!  Turns out, you can just suck each kiwi half from its skin with a single slurp . . . no peeling! . . . and the taste is outstanding.

(April’s apple cider, salmon, and turkey, by mild contrast, were all perfectly okay once thawed, I am pleased to report — waste not, want not — but definitely not improved by the experience.)

I copped to my ignorance of parsnips last week.

John Carroll: “It is the war against Crispness which kept you from knowing about parsnips.  Mos’ everthin’ kin be explained by Pogo.”

☞ An enjoyable tale.  First, for those too young to have known the comic strip, you meet Pogo (“we have met the enemy and he is us”).  And then you are treated to the misheard lyrics of “The Twelve Days Of Crispness,” appropriate to the season.  (Happy Chanukah, by the way!)  Ho, ho, ho.

And parsnips are good!  Enjoy.



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