Boo Boo was a bear.  (Click for the photo.)

My friend Danny Sebright, formerly of the Defense Department and the Defense Intelligence Agency, knows a thing or two about weapons.

I found his post affecting:

Facebook Friends, I post below with some amount of sadness and trepidation.  As you all know, I am not a big fan of “rants” on FB, whether they be about jobs, friends, politics, or each person’s latest malady or general state of malaise.  However, I feel that I am owed a rant this morning!

Boo Boo was legally shot by a hunter near my home in PA on Saturday!  Boo Boo visited my property on a regular basis over the last 12 months.  He was the sweetest, most gentle animal.  He occasionally “played” with a bird feeder or two, but let it be said that he was more afraid of me and my dogs than we were of him.

What is the purpose of killing a noble animal like this?  Certainly, the hunter who killed Boo Boo is not going to eat the meat.  Maybe he/she will make Boo Boo into a carpet, or stuff or mount his head on the wall.  But, why and for what purpose?

Is it the adrenaline rush that comes from killing a helpless animal when you know you are already at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom?  Sort of pathetic when you use a high power weapon to track, hunt, and kill a defenseless animal.  Wow, is that called stacking the odds?

Or, is it a Napoleon Complex of trying to over compensate for your own small penis?  They have medical devices and implants these days that might do a better job of helping you make up for your own personal inadequacies.

God gave us the earth and everything on it to wisely use what we need and conserve the rest.  My father, who is a lifelong farmer, taught me to respect the land and all of the creatures who live on it.  Why is it that today so many are so fixated on needlessly raping, pillaging, and consuming all of the bounty and glory of God’s wonderful gifts to us?

And please, before any of you start with responses back to me of “over population” or of the importance of “thinning the herd,” just stop!  We would not be in this position to begin with if we as humans had not over-populated the earth, and, over the last 100 years had not caused significant impact to our climate and earth’s eco systems.

Hunters in my area:  get your license and kill a deer every year IF YOU MUST for the bounty of its meat on your table, but please let the rest of God’s creatures alone and try to learn to live with them in peace in this world.

Rant over:  I will miss Boo Boo every day!


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