Start with this three-minute video, and remember that Success Academy’s 11,000 scholars are chosen by lottery — 93% of them children of color, 76% from low-income households, 12% “special needs” students, and 8.5% of them learning to speak English.  Yet they do spectacularly well.  The clip is filled with hope and promise.  It will make your day.

And what about Schuyler?  Did you see Lesley Stahl’s profile of him on Sunday’s “60 Minutes”?  Another amazing kid, recruited for Harvard’s women’s swim team, now swimming with the men.  Watch!  In the abstract, it may sound off-putting — but I don’t think anyone will fail to like and respect this young guy, or to wish him well.

Finally, I offer this study: “The Scientific Debate About Same-Sex Parenting Is Over.”





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