As noted yesterday, the real reason for pipeline foot-dragging, of course, is not some secret deal with Warren Buffett, it’s this $20 trillion problem, which Chris Hayes presents in a unique way that really helps to see the big picture.  But before you watch that, warm up with this appetizer, wherein Newt Gingrich, John McCain, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney weigh in on the urgency of dealing with climate change.  (Until all of a sudden they don’t.)

Between the appetizer and the entree: 20 minutes or so.  We owe it to the thousands of generations who suffered so much to get us to the cusp of unimaginable prosperity — and to the thousands of generations to come — not to screw it all up through shortsightedness.  Take those 20 minutes and then, if you agree about those generations, spread the word.  We owe them.



Ed Costello:  “Thanks for recommending (and disclosing your interest in) ‘Buyer & Cellar.’ My wife and I saw it last night and loved it. It was funny, poignant, brilliantly written and acted, and perfect for the small venue.”

☞ Ed is a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, so he knows something about dramatic conflict.

(Recalling Elaine May’s dispositive line: “And that man is a doctor.”  Ten bucks to the first one of you who identifies the reference.)

I was a little nervous about re-plugging ‘Buyer & Cellar’ after its original star left to take it on the road (Chicago, Washington, LA, Toronto, and beyond) . . . I haven’t found time to see it with its new star, Christopher Hanke . . . but as you can see from Ed’s review, it still delights.  Click here for tickets!  And if you promise not to tell anyone I told you, use the promotional code BACFNF1 to save $20 when you do.  One more perk of your subscription.  You owe me.



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