I met Steve Jobs once. For a short while, we were neighbors. What a phenomenal contribution he made to the world and to my own life. Talk about a great American!


So the Tea Party folks demonstrate to keep people from having health care, to lay off teachers and police and firefighters, bust unions, keep poor people from voting, and – most important – protect tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. Pretty neat trick how the billionaires more or less organized and financed their movement and, by harnessing their justifiable fears and concerns, gulled them into doing it. (See Karl Rove, below, for an example.)

Now come the “Occupiers,” or whatever they will be called, who share many of the same fears and concerns – and a few of the same bogeymen – but seem by and large to be taking the other side of these issues.

Maybe we should put construction workers back to work rebuilding our schools and bridges. Maybe we should pass the American Jobs Act “right away” to help the middle class. Maybe it should be paid for by Warren Buffett and other wealthy folks who are paying taxes at a lower rate than their secretaries. Maybe Paul Krugman knows more about economics – and has the average guy’s interest more sincerely at heart – than Sarah Palin.

Well, it’s about time.

Crowds make me nervous. Simple answers to complex problems make me nervous. But enough is enough.


If you don’t have the full 13 minutes to watch this, please try to watch at least up to the part where Rachel shows you the actual context out of which Karl Rove pulled the clip designed to deceive you. It is stunning in its dishonesty. And there will be hundreds of millions of dollars more such ads coming our way over the next 13 months, compliments of the Rove / Koch / Clarence Thomas / Sarah Palin / Rush Limbaugh extended family.

And if you think it’s odd to include Clarence Thomas (and his wife) in that family . . .




Here’s a report that may prove wildly too optimistic, but that makes more or less the same case Guru did yesterday.


Yesterday’s item was updated mid-day to be clearer and to include a caveat. If this kind of stuff interests you, go back and read the improved version.


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