‘Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.’ – Brad Pitt, in the October Esquire


Strength is only as good as the strategic thinking behind it . . . and according to a bipartisan collection of foreign policy experts, America has been acting like an idiot, playing right into Bin Laden’s hands. Think jujitsu.

Afghanistan – yes. Absolutely.

But invading Iraq just confirmed Al Qaeda’s line that America wants to occupy the Mideast and steal its oil . . . (and invading it without adequate planning – invading it incompetently – has proved a complete, uber-tragic fiasco) . . .

Guantanamo negatively affects the war on terror, 81% of the more than 100 conservative, moderate, and liberal foreign policy experts polled say . . . (not to mention Abu Ghraib) . . .

And framing the enemy as Islamo-fascism (accurate though that may be) turns it into the global holy war Bin Laden so desperately hoped to start.

Seventy-one percent of the conservative experts polled (and 90% of the moderates) disagree with the President’s assertion that we are winning the war on terror.

The Administration has sapped our nation’s military and financial strength, turned much of the world against us, and, in the process, created tens of millions of passionate new Islamo-fascists.

We are likely to hear a different view from the President tonight.

But what the world needs to hear November 7 (and had so hoped to hear two years ago) is that Americans are not comfortable with the strategic thinking of our current leadership. We need a new direction.

Tomorrow (which through the marvels of modern time travel you can click today): Corrections (Golf, Median Income, Borealis . . . )


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