A full show from Russia done in Yiddish.  Pretty wonderful even if the only word you can make out is “l’chaim!”  (Thanks, Mel!)

And Roger Cohen has this lovely column that basically says: we’ll get thru this. If you have time, there’s a lot of life wisdom here.  (Thanks, Evy!)

In small part (that, for all I know, echoes some of the Yiddish I didn’t understand, and so follows naturally):

. . . Try thinking of the imperturbable, Venetian gondolier bolt upright in the storm, eyes fixed on the horizon. Try thinking of your young daughter combing her hair out. If all else fails, and gloom is enveloping, think of the silver bullet of a good Martini at dusk, or the wisdom of the old Jewish cable:

“Start worrying. Details to follow.”

And the Jews, lo and behold, are still around, still worrying, still making trouble and laughing . . .

So there is hope and cause to celebrate and be thankful. America is still “this big, boisterous, brawling, intemperate, striving, daring, beautiful, bountiful, brave, magnificent country,” as Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, put it the other day; and the world’s anti-American elites still cry out: “Yankee, go home — and take our baby with you!” . . .



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