Buffalo wings? Has anyone ever seen buffalo fly? (Just asking.)


Another of the articles in the Washington Monthly I linked to Friday examines the 2005 Amazon drought and concludes: “The good news, Phillips says, is that much of the damage has yet to be done. ‘About four-fifths of Amazonia is still mature forest,’ he explains. ‘It is the biggest wilderness left on the planet. There is a lot to fight for; there is a lot to save. I am not disheartened.’ But if his and others’ predictions are reliable—and the careful measurement of the 2005 Amazon drought certainly lends them some credence—there is a real risk of drought accelerating climate change to a point where it would be beyond our ability to control it.”

Yet another of the articles describes the fight of the indigenous population to save their forest – with the aid of Google Earth and poison arrows. Join the Amazon Conservation Team here.


Very wow.


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