I’m not even clear what “racks and trays” are in the context of landing gear.  (“Overhead bins” and “tray tables” I know, but this must be different.)

Still, I like this quote:

“When Total Air Group first encountered the WheelTug concept, we were amazed by the opportunities to help streamline airline operations and reduce wear and tear on aircraft and engines,” said Michael Silvius, TAG´s CEO. “We have been enthusiastically working with WheelTug for several years now, and are delighted to have acquired a formal relationship and role in the project. We look forward to leveraging our expertise in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul work to design and produce the racks and trays for the WheelTug avionics suite.” . . .

Who knows whether WheelTug will ever come to fruition — and with it, stock in its grandparent, Borealis.  As always, it remains a gamble.  But every time an industry insider expresses support, as above, my spirits flutter.


Onto NBC’s elevator strides Barney Frank with the book-tour escort his publisher has provided — I’m so proud to be one of his book‘s three blurbs — and whom does he see towering in the corner but John Cleese, one of the funniest men in the world.  He, too, has a book out.

There is that second or two when those entering the elevator register obvious recognition (Monty Python! Fawlty Towers!) . . . then surprise . . . then confusion (should I look away? should I smile? should I say somehting? do the others realize what’s happening?) and then Barney turns and says, “Good to see you again, John.  We keep meeting in elevators.”

Cleese squints.

“In St. Louis two weeks ago,” Barney offers.

Cleese stares down at the former Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and says, finally . . . “Are you the juggler?”

Some in the elevator crack up, though no one is sure whether he’s joking, but Barney explains again about St. Louis and John asks his book-tour people, “Have I ever been to St. Louis?”

We don’t have far for the elevator to ascend — “Late Night With Seth Meyers” is taped on the eighth floor in studio 8G — but it’s long enough to establish that St. Louis is the one with the arch, and that John Cleese is a person who has never been there.

You can watch the entire show here — 41 minutes.  Both Cleese and Barney are really funny, as is Seth Meyers.  But wait.  There’s more.

Barney exits the elevator with his book-tour person and proceeds past Fred Amison to the Green Room, with its little fruit plate, bite-size chocolates, and a Late Night mug for each guest.  Off of gthe Green Room are dressing rooms for each guest, their names glowing from an iPod mounted by each door.  BARNEY FRANK.  LINDA CARDELLINI.  JOHN CLEESE.

At which point Barney all but smacks his forehead with his palm and bolts after John Cleese to explain.

It seems the tall, funny star he met in St. Louis was John Lithgow (“Third Rock from the Sun,” etc.).

And that when he met John Lithgow, he confused him for the Monty Python guy.

So things had come full circle.

“Don’t worry,” the giant reassured Barney, “people confuse the two of us all the time.”

Enjoy the show.



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