Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Monday monologue.  At 6:20, he quotes a Republican senator who — at least in this case — is spot on.  (No, not the senator with the snowball.)  That senator is followed by Lindsey Graham, who once said “impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office” (boy has he ever devolved) . . . and then by Stephen Miller . . . and then by Moscow Mitch.

Moscow Mitch says, “If I were [Speaker Pelosi] I wouldn’t want to go into next year’s election having it credibly said that all you did for the whole Congress was harass the president and try to remove him from office.”


That’s all she’s done.

Well, except for passing HR1, to make voting easier and more secure, requiring a paper-ballot backup . . . and The Equality Act . . . and an act to protect Dreamers . . . and the The Paycheck Fairness Act . . . and The Bipartisan Background Checks Act . . . and The Climate Action Now Act . . . and The Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act . . . and The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act . . . and The Save the Internet Act . . .

. . . and literally hundreds more bills (The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act!) that McConnell proudly killed without discussion or a vote.

Putin is winning.  Kim Jong-Un is winning.  The ghosts of Roy Cohn and Joe McCarthy are winning.  Evil and cruelty are winning.

(And as a practical matter, while shooting migrants in the legs would, for sure, slow them down, I can only imagine what Trump’s minions found when, on his instruction, they went to cost out an alligator-filled moat.  Because it’s not as practical an idea as it at first appears.  For one thing, a lot of the border is hot and dry. What would it cost to keep the moat filled?  For another, apart from the occasional desperate human and her child, what would the alligators eat?  In addition to water, you’d have tens of thousands of alligators you had to feed.  And if walking 2,000 miles to get to the moat is not a sufficient obstacle, I’m not sure ingenious rapists and drug dealers would not find away to shoot the proximate alligators or pole vault over the moat or in some other way foil what seems to be a really good plan.  But, like our president, I digress.)

We are better than this, as will be demonstrated November 3, 2020.

Most Americans are not “the radical left” or the “extreme right,” we are the humane center.  (Click that link to see if that’s you.)

Have a great weekend.



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