I’ve seen “Jersey Boys” three times.  Here it is in ten minutes.  We could use a little up-tempo these days.

Jersey boy Chris Christie makes the case for sensible re-opening.  Not every Republican is wrong about everything.

But Trump comes close.

It’s beyond tragic how — having ignored  dozen urgent warnings —  he allowed this health-and-economic catastrophe.

To date, the democracy of South Korea, which reported its first case the same day we did, has had 256 deaths.

We have ten times as many every day.  And a depression.

As desirous as he was to bring the U.S. to its knees, Putin could never have dreamed of success like this.

Take six minutes to watch how your president has led the country, day by day.

(Compare that with what Joe Biden was saying as early as January 27.)

Consider another three minutes to watch Al Gore’s appraisal.

We desperately need to find some face-saving way for smart, well-intentioned 2016 Trump voters to say, “Well, it was worth a shot.  But I’m open to trying something different.”

They never have to agree he’s a vulgar incompetent pathologically lying racist narcissistic sociopathic bully, though he is; they just have to agree he’s proven himself unequal to the task.



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