Did you see Jeb Bush on yesterday’s Today Show? Part one ran in the 7am hour – a thing I know exclusively thanks to the wonders of TiVo – and part two, about Jeb’s daughter’s drug addiction, ran an hour later.

Jeb was as heartfelt as any good father would be in his anguish over his 25-year-old daughter’s problem, which has been ongoing for some years. She may even wind up in prison at some point if she can’t kick the addiction, Jeb acknowledged.

The Today Show was much too polite to ask why, with all his compassion and first-hand experience, Jeb slashed Florida’s drug treatment budget by 85%.

How could the Today Show not ask this question?

It’s nice to know Jeb loves his daughter, and I’m sure he does. But what about the rest of Florida’s children?

For more on the reasons for this budget cut – it was made in order to cut taxes for Florida’s wealthiest families – click here.

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