Want your student loan payment slashed?  JUST VOTE!  . . .  Democrat, because Republicans in Congress are all that stand in the way.

Want to boost the economy with a 40% raise hike for those who make minimum wage?  JUST VOTE!  . . . Democrat, because . . . same deal.

Want to boost the economy with immigration reform?  JUST VOTE!  . . . Democrat.

Want to boost the economy by repairing America’s crumbling infrastructure?  JUST VOTE!  . . . Democrat.

Want to enact the universal background checks that even 74% of NRA members favor?  JUST VOTE!  . . . Democrat.

Want ENDA passed?   JUST VOTE!  . . . Democrat.

 A majority of Americans favor all these things; just not a majority of Republicans in Congress.  They pride themselves on being unwilling to compromise.

Want to break the gridlock and get America moving again?  Just vote.

Today’s the day.  Thanks for all you’ve already done to make it turn out right.


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