As a party officer, I remain neutral until there’s only one candidate in the race. I didn’t vote in the primary, haven’t given to or attended events for either candidate, and will not commit my super duper delegate vote to either candidate until the Convention (and probably not even then if there are still two candidates).

But as it now appears likely Hillary will be the nominee . . . and as Bernie is so right that “on their worst days” either he or Hillary is 100 times better than any of the Republicans . . . especially if it’s Trump, but any of the others as well . . . I do want to say that President Obama and Elizabeth Warren are so right when they say that Hillary will make a terrific, terrific President.  I’ve known her for 30 years. She is brilliant. She is honest. She is in it for all the right reasons. She has fought all her adult life to make a better world, especially for those who need a fairer shake.

And if she is not perfect . . . if after decades of being unfairly pummeled she can be defensive . . . well, show me the person who is perfect.

I started to add, “certainly not Donald Trump,” but that would give understatement a bad name.

Which is why I think it won’t be Trump.

On some level he clearly doesn’t want to be President, and none of the Republican party leaders wants him to be President, so I think there’s a real chance he either drops out or, in Cleveland, they toss out the first-ballot delegates from states that didn’t entirely follow the Republican Party rules, thus denying him a first-ballot majority . . . at which point, well, who knows who it would be, but not Trump.

Or maybe it will be Trump, but in that case it won’t be Trump in the White House, because, with our help, Hillary or Bernie will defeat him.

By the way, here‘s where you can pre-order 30 Years of Doonesbury On Trump. I can hardly wait.

Have a great weekend.



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