And I don’t mean that as in, ‘Oh, boy!’ I mean . . . ‘OH, boy.’

I refer to the must-read excerpt of James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency that’s been making the rounds.

My own almost completely baseless view (but – Blink – we know more than we think) is that Kunstler’s scenario is way too dire.

He underestimates our ingenuity!

But there’s a long way from ‘way too dire’ to ‘no worries, mate.’ The concerns he raises strike me as very real.

Indeed – while it is a thesis not specifically addressed in Kunstler’s excerpt – it seems possible to me that ‘the American Century’ ended almost exactly on schedule (who arranges these things?), December 13, 2000. (The last century, I need hardly remind purists, ended December 31, 2000, not December 31, 1999.)

I hope I’m wrong and will be doing what little I can to make sure of it. But I’m holding my oil stocks, happy that I live a life that requires almost no driving.

(It requires a fair amount of eating, however, and no small hum of air conditioning, hiss of heating – Kunstler is sanguine about none of this.)

I think most of us will muddle through and adapt, and that there will be loads of ways to be happy with less oil.

But the excerpt is worth reading. Click here.

Tomorrow: Your Feedback on Glucosamine; White House Transparency


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