Suggested December 23 at 35 cents, we sold a third of it a month later for 65 cents. It closed Friday at 98 cents. I would sell another third – up 157% in six weeks – and hold the last third to see what happens. (Our two other year-end suggestions, ILA and CMM, are up a little; but if you can afford the risk – and if you can’t, you never should have bought them in the first place – I’d plan to hold them quite a lot longer.)


God I love the Super Bowl. I can get into any restaurant or movie without a wait. And now, with TiVo, I can see all the commercials. It’s TiVo in reverse: hyper-speeding through the content and watching the commercials. Is this a great country or what?


I include this link not so much in hopes you will help persuade Ralph not to run again – Ralph will do what Ralph will do – but because it so vividly shows how the Democrats can win in 2004.

(If he does run, I believe the good people who voted for him last time, thinking it couldn’t hurt, will now vote ‘early and often’ for the Democrat – any Democrat – in 2004.)

Add back just a third of the Nader voters . . . let alone some of the conservatives and libertarians who have become disillusioned (here’s just one example, from USA Today: ‘Conservative Sportsmen Turn Against Bush’) . . . and – whew! – we move the country back to a more centrist, sensible, progressive track.

Not a moment too soon.

Tomorrow: What SHOULD The Top 1% Be Taxed?


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